Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policies and Practices

Private Manisa Grandmedical Hospital is to recruit qualified manpower in line with its mission and vision, to ensure that employees can be effective and productive and to create a harmonious work environment in this direction.

With this understanding, our hospital has adopted the principle of having employees who are open to education and development, with high motivation and corporate belonging, with up-to-date and human-oriented Human Resources practices.

Recruitment Process

When Private Manisa Grandmedical Hospital needs new personnel, we have job postings on the internet and/or in the newspapers. By following these postings, you can learn about job opportunities at Private Manisa Grandmedical Hospital and apply for open positions. General Aptitude Test is applied to the candidates who are suitable for our hospital's criteria and open positions among the applications, according to the position they are applying for. Successful candidates are first interviewed by the Human Resources Management and at the end of this interview, suitable candidates are interviewed with the relevant unit managers.

As of 2017, recruitment for the vacant positions formed in line with the needs of our hospital is primarily done through the Turkish Employment Agency (Işkur). Please make your applications through "İşkur".